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We know there a a lot of facial surgeons and aesthetic center to choose from.  How do you know you are at a place that is right for you?  Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about us.


I spent almost an entire year thoroughly..2 Sep 2015    Who Do I Attribute this too?

I spent almost an entire year thoroughly researching different surgeons for my face lift. Finally I met with Dr.Menachof and his staff and I was instantly pleased! Everything from my initial consultation through my post surgery follow up appointments, has been truly an amazing experience! I love my results and would highly recommend him!

Tammy on   Jan 16th, 2013

I went to see Dr. Menachof a few years after having a botched mini facelift that left me with elf ears. To say that I was unhappy and afraid of future procedures would have been an understatement. I went to Menachof because I had met two women who had had things done (one an eye job and the other a face lift) and they looked fabulous. So a consult was in order. I was very impressed with how he answered ALL my questions, his honesty and how he listened to me. His staff was pretty awesome as well. I booked the procedure and I could not be happier with the outcome. I look like a younger version of myself, not stretched or pulled in any way. That was three years ago and I now live in Los Angeles. If/when the time comes that I want something else done, you can bet that I will fly back to Colorado and see this man. He is a genius with with a knife and I am so much the better for it. I never give reviews but truly believe that this man deserves to be know as the skilled and kind surgeon he is. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend him.

Extremely Pleased with Results With Signature Mini Lift For Jawline and Neck – Greenwood Village, CO BB in Denver • 2015

Dr. Menachof and his entire staff are professional, supportive, and made me feel very reassured about going through this process. At my first appointment with Katherine, the patient care coordinator, and Dr Menachof, everything was explained. They did not try to convince me to do anything more than what I wanted. The next day I came to the office for a complimentary facial and set the surgery appointment for the earliest time available.

Love my New Face! – Denver, CO ilovedenver •1 year ago

After interviewing 3 other docs, I easily settled on Dr. Menachof. During the interview process, both Dr. Menachof and staff were thorough and asked several times about what I was most interested in changing. I never felt pressured to do anything more than the surgeries that would address what I viewed as my problem areas. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Menachof and his staff so I’ll just say I’d do this again with him in a heartbeat because I couldn’t be happier with how I look!

My Traditional Facelift Journey in Denver, Colorado – maria4148   •1 year ago

My experience to date has been tremendous. I researched board certified facial plastic surgeons for over 6 months to include doctors in and out of Colorado… I am a diligent researcher… I had consults with a few plastic surgeons in Colorado and selected Dr. Menechof. I have had other procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift.. but nothing made me more nervous than selecting a doctor to touch my face. I selected Dr. Menechof based on his excellent results with previous patients and his overall expertise. He went the extra mile in the consult with me explaining my options and thoroughly addressing my many questions and concerns. His staff is very patient service oriented and super responsive, which i greatly appreciate.

From ENT Procedures to Emergency Face Reconstruction – Centennial, CO Alexiasdreams •3 years ago

Primary health Drs. and Pilots and Flight Attendants I had worked with. I chose to see Dr. Menachof after researching and listening to other people who had been to him. I knew I could fly anywhere and see any Dr. I wanted, but Dr. Menachof’s reputation was so impressive I decided to let him be my ENT. I know now how very fortunate I am to have found him. The ER Dr. I went to refused to sew my face up and we ended up calling Dr. Menachof… AFTER HOURS. He had me come to his office where he would wait for me. I truly didn’t think there was any way I would look the same ever again. He is truly a Godsend. The ER. Dr. is still totally amazed, not only with Dr. Menachofs work but the fact that he went way above and beyond just to see me that night. Now he only refers patients of his with similar problems to Dr. Menachof. He had worked in ER for 17 years and NEVER met another Dr. who is as caring and compassionate, as well as more capable in all his time as an ER Dr. I know I will always refer everyone who needs or wants work done to Dr. Menachof. I think of his staff and all as my family. I promise you would be honored to be treated as his patient. I know I have been. Going here has been one of the best blessings of my life. Thank you will never be enough. And yes, he truly does treat each of his patients like family.

Dr. Menachof is the best. My facelift results are…15 Sep 2015

Dr. Menachof is the best. My facelift results are so natural, I am so amazed and can’t believe I ever doubted myself in deciding to do this… I was so comfortable with him when we met. How refreshing to meet a doctor who was more concerned with what I was looking to achieve, rather than what they thought I should do (I had consulted with two others). I trusted him immediately (it helped that he did two my friends and they too loved him), he was so knowledgeable and how he explained it to me helped me understand that he was really an expert, it was easy to choose him over the other two surgeons I had consulted with. Dr. Menachof spent so much time with me, asking questions that were about what I wanted to see happen, Well, let’s see… I don’t want to end up like one of those people who look all plastic-ed up… you know…pulled or overdone. He laughed as he said he understood, he is so down to earth. He then talked about technique, his learning curve, the fact that he only did surgeries above the shoulders (he’s a facial plastic surgeon), so no body work absorbing his time, just the face. His staff was great, they were professional and all knew what was happening with me each step of the way. The end result… I look fresher then I have in a long time, its weird to feel like I do on the inside (younger), but see myself in the mirror, aging. I remember my elders always telling me to enjoy my youth that it would not last… Not so true thanks to Dr. Menachof. Thanks to him and his awesome staff for all they did for me. I recommend him highly, he is the real deal. A true doctor and surgeon with an awesome artistic gift.

For as long as I can remember I was unhappy with…14 Sep 2015

For as long as I can remember I was unhappy with the way my nose and chin looked especially my profile. As I aged and my jowls and neck started sagging I realized surgery was my only option for the real change I always wanted. This decision took me a few years before I committed. During that time I researched plastic surgeons and choose Dr. Michael Menachof. He is a truly skilled plastic surgeon with personal care. He and his staff addressed all my concerns making me confident in my decision to choose Dr. Menachof. It’s been 5 years since my lower facelift, rhinoplasty and chin implant. I’ve continued to see him and his staff for additional service and I’m still pleased with the results and the care I receive.

I have always been hesitant about ever doing… 2015

I have always been hesitant about ever doing anything for myself when it came to my vanity. Now that I’m older and trying to keep myself in the professional world as long as I can, I decided some kind of face lift was an appropriate and well justified thing to do for myself! My doctor referred me to Dr. Menachof based on his excellent reputation and expertise with facial procedures. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, and since my surgery, I have a new found confidence that I haven’t had for a long time. I now regularly go back to the office for treatments with his amazing skin care girl!

Jul 19, 2014 sharonw , Sun City, AZ

What do you do when you’re turning 75 on July 4th? I’m still a firecracker – booming, sizzling, and sparkling so I decided to do something for myself. I was not doing it for my husband, friends, family and not to look like I was 40. I just wanted to look fresh and vibrant again and erase some of the wrinkles and lines that were there. I saw Dr. Menachof’s work and thought this person had the best face lift I’d ever seen. I made an appointment at the end of last summer to see about getting a mini-face lift. When I arrived for my consultation, I met Ginger Brown, a delightful, positive, and information person who explained all the different procedures. I told her I had to think about it and within a few weeks I committed to having the surgical procedure done on December 5, 2014. I was a snowbird in Sun City, Arizona so I flew back to Denver to have it done. Ten days later, I went back to Arizona and in three weeks I marched in the Fiesta Bowl Parade with the Sun City Poms. I felt and looked great and since then I can’t tell you how many people have told me how good I look. Only four people have asked me if I had a lift and the rest have not said anything except I look younger. I did color my hair lighter so I just say it’s my new blond hair. Dr. Menachof made my face look natural. He is the best and so kind and personable. His staff is the same. Two Words say “Thanks You” I feel brand new. I’m glad I had it done. Dr. Menachof is Number One. Sharon Word

Menachof is Brilliant – Denver, CO 4 Aug 2014

As a physician, I might be in a stronger place to judge surgical expertise and the wisdom it takes to know when and how to use it. Dr. Menachof is the best in his field as many of my other physician friends will attest to. Likable and a true expert, he is the Facial Plastic Surgeon of choice in the Lonetree South Metro Denver area.

Karen – Lone Tree Aug 2014

I believe the qualities of a great plastic surgeon is when he can improve your appearance and no one can tell! Dr Menachof certainly qualifies in this category. Just 2 weeks after my surgery I attended a wedding in my hometown. Many people I had not seen in over 10 years. All commented on my appearance and wondered how I could possibly look so young. I was thrilled and only I knew the secret! That night I was EAGER to take pictures, which is something I had avoided for 30 years. I now reflect my happiness in my smile, my laughter and in my voice. I feel that at the present age of 61, I am no longer facing old age but have just entered middle age and I LOVE IT!!! I feel and look better than when I was 30 years old! Thank you Dr Menachof for renewing my life and for putting the “sparkle” back into my eyes. You are my angel……..


Thrilled with Rhinoplasty Results – Greenwood Village, CO Lisa_A  

When searching for a Doctor to alter your physical appearance (especially your face) it can be very scary. After consulting with several Doctors I found Dr. Menachof’s education, experience and character to be the best. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he is approachable and thorough. He takes his time to answer all of your questions and assures you are comfortable. I never felt uneasy or intimidated in his care. I am so grateful to him and his staff for the care they provided me. Dr. Menachof exceeded all of my expectations and I highly recommend him to anyone considering facial surgery. I absolutely love my results. Lisa Denver, Colorado

norgin73 • year ago

Dr. Menachof is genuine not only to his Patients, but also to his devotion to his mastery. Thank you Doctor!

Rhinoplasty Finally Got my Much Needed Rhinoplasty at Age 61. Greenwood Village, COLaurabeth7 •11 months ago

Dr. Menachof’s staff told me they believe he is “the best in his field” and after having him perform my rhinoplasty and traditional face lift I agree he is the best! I could not ask for better results; in fact, the results are even better than I expected!

Dr. Menachof came highly recommended from a good…14 Sep 2015 • 3 months post

Dr. Menachof came highly recommended from a good friend of mine. I told him that I still wanted to look like me just with some changes with what I didn’t like about my nose. My family has been so supportive and they’ve told me that it looks very natural! You can tell that he really cares about his patients and making sure the results are perfect!

I always thought my nose hump was awful. However…28 Jan 2015 • 21 days post

I always thought my nose hump was awful. However it was something I felt just came with the person. Always pointed it out in pictures when they were of my profile. My husband finally convinced me to have a consultation with Dr. Menachof, (The Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery). After I debated for 9 months as to whether I was just being vain. Finally made the date for surgery.

From the beginning, the staff was very supportive in quelling my fears. Everything was explained to the nth degree, several times! The procedure day arrived, the surgery center was superb and Dr. Menachoff asked one more time if this was what I wanted! The prep was very thorough to minimize the effects of surgery.

Post surgery recovery was uncomfortable, but no pain, just aching. I followed the directions I was given to the letter. Recovery has been great. I can’t believe how wonderful my nose looks 4 weeks post surgery!!!!! In the first week post surgery my mother passed away. I notified Dr. Menachof and he got me in to check everything. I looked a bit bruised but presentable enough to fly home for her funeral.

I am so pleased with my choice of Dr. Menachoff and his staff. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his staff to anyone!!!

Before and after pictures just amaze me!

 He’s a Surgical Master. Better Sleep, No Sinus Congestion – Greenwood Village, CO 15 Jul 2014

My surgery was performed eight months ago and I have to say that I feel as though I never went under the knife in my life! The horror pictures on the Internet that I saw the night before my surgery made me so sick in the stomach and I had nightmares. Well, much to my delight, the surgery went on without a hitch thank goodness and a week later when my cast was removed the bruising was already turning lighter and fading. Not only did I receive the benefit of a more symmetrical nose, but also I sleep better at night without my usual sinus congestion.

In Love with my New Nose- Totally Worth It! – Greenwood Village

 The bruising was already turning lighter and fading. Not only did I receive the benefit of a more symmetrical nose, but also sleep better at night without my usual sinus congestion.the bruising was already turning lighter and fading. Not only did I receive the benefit of a more symmetrical nose, but also sleep better at night without my usual sinus congestion.My surgery was performed eight months ago and I have to say that I feel as though I never went under the knife in my life! The horror pictures on the Internet that I saw the night before my surgery made me so sick in the stomach and I had nightmares. Well, much to my delight, the surgery went on without a hitch thank goodness and a week later when my cast was removed, the bruising was already turning lighter and fading. Not only did I receive the benefit of a more symmetrical nose, but also sleep better at night without my usual sinus congestion.

15 Jul 2015

I am 29 years old and I wanted a nose job my whole life. I was always too scared or concerned about the cost to do it, but I promised myself I would just suck it up and get it done before I turned 30. I should have done this years ago! I am ecstatic about the results. I look in the mirror everyday and see the nose that I was meant to have. Dr. Menachof and his office were fantastic. I went on several consultations, mostly based on referrals, and Menachof ended up being my choice. His prices were in the middle range, he had tons of experience, he was very receptive of my needs, and I could just tell that the office was professional and client-oriented. I saw the doctor a couple of times before my procedure and he was willing to meet with me as much as possible until I felt completely comfortable. I was very specific with what I wanted. I had a deviated septum which made my nose extremely crooked, and the tip of my nose was very bulbous. I told him that I wanted it straightened and the tip to be refined. We played with the computer simulation a lot and I was able to tell him exactly what I wanted, even if it was different from what he originally envisioned. He knew I wanted a natural look, but with a LOT of changes- which was probably a confusing task. Anyway, the results were exactly what I wanted! Now I have an adorable nose! It is straight and the tip is perfect. All my friends and family were astonished by how great it looked. Dr. Menachof also pays great attention to you after your surgery. I have gone to several post op appointments and the service is excellent.

Sheridan Wade on   Jun 10th, 2013  

I could not be more pleased with my experience with Dr. Menachof and his entire staff. They are professional, precise, prompt, and a complete joy. When talking to Dr. Menachof about several different options of procedures, he suggested what was best for me, even though it was about $5,000 cheaper than another procedure. He truly cares for his patients and his office staff could not be more amazing. I had two major surgeries and will return to his office for future work. They surpassed all my expectations!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Perfection! Feb 20th, 2013  

Dr. M was referred by another plastic surgeon who called him the face expert. To have another doctor give up business because he knew that Dr. M would do a better job? Says a lot. Starting with his staff? They are a group of ladies that you can’t not fall in love with. Then the way he made me feel so comfortable and took all the fear out of my procedure in a matter of minutes? Best plastic surgeon CO has. I know I sound cocky but he gave me the most beautiful nose! One that still made me look like myself only a huge dash of fabulous! Everytime I’m in town I see him for whatever I need. When you live in LA and fly to CO to get work done? You know you found the best. Much love to his staff and of course Dr. M, THE face expert!

Roberto D. Submitted September 4, 2015

I found Dr. Menachof to be highly intelligent, extremely knowledgeable and very truthful about procedures. I utilized his skills in cosmetic surgery as well as sinus surgery. I found the entire staff be be friendly, helpful and always patient, which includes Dr. Menachof. In my experience he has always been willing to take the extra time to answer questions, no matter how many. I thought his work definitely exceeded that of other surgeons cosmetically. Additionally, He only recommended necessary procedures. I would utilize his services again and will continue to refer him.

I am extremely pleased to have chosen Dr. Menachof as my surgeon for a structural rhinoplasty. My biggest concern was to find a natural look and a perfect incision and suture technique for an alar base reduction for proper external scar healing. Attention to detail, structural nasal support and breathing function were at the top of my list. Dr. Menachof was highly recommended by somebody else who had a similar procedure. I must have driven the staff members crazy with never ending questions but their response was friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. It has been over two months since the surgery. I can breathe better and my nose looks very natural with no real visible external scar. If you want experience, precision, attention to details and confidence, I highly recommend Dr. Menachof

Beth M- Submitted June 22, 2015

Dr. Menachof was my “second opinion”. I went with him as he seemed far more knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain to my husband and I what was going on and the details about the procedure. I found the DR. to be very professional and serious about his work but still had a sense of humor. I’m very pleased with my results and it feels good to be able to breathe again. THANK YOU !

David Hollenbach 3 years ago – ★★★★★

Mr. Menachof was very thorough in explaining the procedure, had excellent bedside manner, a great staff, and created a practical schedule for continuing care and visits after the surgery. I’d recommend him to anyone needing a rhinoplasty and deviated sceptum repair.


4/16/2016 Anonymous

Excellent. Did not over sell; really listened to me. Great result using just injections.

4/12/2016 Anonymous  

Great help in determining facial products to use and ordering them. Thank you!

4/28/16 Erin Morse  

Came in for a little touch up of Botox and Restalyne on the face. Dr. Menachof really listened to what “I” wanted done, and it looks great. Great customer service too

Apr 4, 2015 cindym , Castle Rock, CO 

Always an exceptional experience! I’ve been a patient for over 20 years

Non Surgical Face Lift Liquid Face Lift – Greenwood Village, CO karenanhouse 1 year ago

   Dr Menachof and his staff are extremely knowledgable and have your best appearance in mind when doing any injections. I absolutely trust Dr. Menachof and left it up to him as to what he thought would work the best for me. I would highly recommend his practice for any facial needs!!!

I look refreshed and I am absolutely ecstatic with…4 Sep 2015

I look refreshed and I am absolutely ecstatic with my results! A little volume in the cheeks and some correction of lines around my mouth, and it makes all the difference in the world to me!! Love love love Dr.Menachof’s work! Won’t ever go anywhere else and when it comes time for a facelift, I know where I’m going!! 

by ilovedenver on   Jan 20th, 2015  

Love my face! Great doc, great staff, great results!

The best in the business! Feb 23rd, 2013  

My family and I have been coming to Dr.Menachof for about 11 years now. He has helped my two kids since they were young with their allergy and sinus problems allowing them to be active and enjoy their childhoods as they should! Dr. Menachof cares about his patients and it shows! Dr. Menachof also performed eyelid surgery on me, as well as Botox and other cosmetic procedures in his office. I couldn’t be happier with the results and would recommend him and his practice to everyone!

2/2/2016   Denver

Everything about these guys is first class. The entire staff is knowledgeable, helpful and does everything possible to make you feel comfortable. Doctor Menachof is the best. He is encouraging but NEVER pushy. He is honest, sincere and a true artist.

Sally Woolsey 3 years ago 

Very friendly atmosphere – almost family-like. Dr. Menachof spent plenty of time with me discussing what I liked, what I wanted to change, and how he could best help me. He did some fillers on my face and let’s just say he’s good with a needle!! Practically zero discomfort and the results were fantastic.

Velma Troxel   10/26/15

Very pleased with the results. Staff is very knowledgeable as well as friendly. Will definetley recommend to my friends. 10/26/2014

May 26, 2014 elizabethb , Broomfield, CO

Dr. Menachof and his staff are incomparable. They are sincerely warm and friendly way beyond what is required. They have a unique way of making patients feel comfortable with aesthetic facial surgery, a procedure that is often frowned upon. Where expertise if concerned; you will find no one more capable than Dr. Menachof. Beautiful results!


Jun 16, 2016 anonymous  

Staff is wonderful. Dr. Menachof and Lisa do beautiful work. Products and procedures are never pushed on you only suggested to you if there is an area of concern. They are always striving for the patient to have a natural look. Great atmosphere.

1/31/2016 John Morley  

Lisa is the tip top specialist in her field of practice in the Denver area and beyond. Investing in her expertise will provide returns which are both unexpected and unforeseen in the most positive ways. The office staff is always pleasant and treat clients as if they are the only appointment of the day. Each visit is always an excellent experience….

12/15/2015   Margaret Rhyne

I had my second IPL treatment last week. The technician/specialis​t is quite knowledgeable. We had a good discussion about the best methods to keep my skin looking as youthful as possible. I’m 69 so that’s no easy task. I felt I was in good, competent hands and look forward to the results from my next treatment. I have been very pleased with the results from each of the first two treatments.

Mar 20, 2016 bod , Highlands Ranch, CO

My appointments with Lisa are always the highlight of my week. She is a top notch esthetician who I have been seeing for years now. She has so improved my skin with her expert care. I have referred many of my friends to her & all agree. She’s the best. Find out for yourself.

Sep 19, 2015 lisab , Castle Rock, CO

Lisa is very gentle with her clients. Very personable and wonderful at picking out exactly what your skin needs. Highly recommended.

Anonymous -Littleton CO

I trusted the staff from the moment I entered the office. I am excited to care for my skin as i age, properly and now i have the right people to help me . Great experience all the way around. 8/4/2015

May 10, 2015 pame , Denver, CO

Everyone in the office makes you feel comfortable and important.. There is never any pressure to do anything ? and everything is explained thoroughly.

Aug 10, 2015 irisn , Broomfield, CO  

Excellent visit-love my results

Leslie R-8 Jan 2016

I recently visited the aesthetic side of Dr. Menachof’s practice and it rocks! They have great skin care products. I am 55 years old and thought there was no hope for my acne and wrinkles (can you stand that I have both?) They put me on a skin care regime that was both affordable and really works. People have even stopped me and asked what I did that was different to myself! They are very cutting edge with the latest lasers and dermal fillers … I can’t wait to try them! They are is very low key, so you don’t feel pressured to sign up for any products or treatments. Ask to see their book with real patients and their before and after photos. Incredible.

Mar 13, 2015 tammys , Brighton, CO

I was enormously surprised at the wonderful job they did and how very kind and gentle this clinic is. They are so personable and very caring. They truly know what they are doing and what is best for your procedure. This is the only clinic I will ever use from now on for my facial procedures.

Patrick Robson 3 years ago 

Dr. Menachof is an amazing physician and person. If you choose his practice you will be thrilled and I recommend him and all his staff in the highest regard.

Christie Schroeder 3 years ago 

Dr Menachof and his team are great to work with. They are honest and take the time to make sure you understand their processes and reasons behind them. I have been seeing Dr Menachof for over 4 years and have been treated with kindness and respect every visit.


Jun 18, 2016 paulab , Elizabeth, CO

Great people, from your first contact with Julie, and then meeting Mrs. M. who is adorable, and having work done by Dr. M. I felt very comfortable and had lots of confidence in Dr. M. for the procedures I had done. I will definitely be referring friends to Dr. M.

1/23/2016 Anonymous  

Professional and thoughtful every time I go. The staff is kind, talented and makes me look like a million bucks! Thank you!

Dec 15, 2015 maryr , Denver, CO 

Great results! Comfortable, clean and professional environment. The providers are knowledgeable and made me feel totally at ease with their recommendations and the treatments I chose to receive. I will be back!

Nov 3, 2015 moniquea , Highlands Ranch, CO

Each time I visit the Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery, I am greeted graciously as soon as I enter the office. I never have to wait, and all the services I have received have met my expectations; I never felt pressured or been given information I didn’t seek. I have recommended the Center to friends and relatives.

Submitted By Anonymous Customer Review

From the minute you walk in the door you are welcomed. Staff is so nice and helpful. I feel very confident in the people that provide the services. Everyone always has a smile on their face. They never push sales on you or unnecessary treatments. They want you too look your best without looking fake or unnatural.

Mar 21, 2015 sue, Evergreen, CO

Friendly staff. Spent time answering my questions. Made me feel special wait time on all of my Visits. Helpful in every step of surgery and postoperative Care.

Submitted August 21, 2012

I’m not usually one to create reviews, but the quality of my visits with Dr. Menachof seem to necessitate this review. I’ve been to the office twice and the level of attention I’ve received has been world-class. I have been truly impressed. Mostly, by the people who I’ve met within the walls of Dr. Menachof’s office. Yes, the office is professional. Yes, they have the newest fancy machines. But those don’t usually foster client retention. It’s the people. Dr. Menachof stopped in and visited with me, like there was no one else. He didn’t seem rushed, though I know he’s incredibly busy. He finished my nose exam skillfully and in short order, then stayed a few extra minutes to chat. The extra minutes are why I’m here, online. Impressed. I highly recommend his practice to all!

September 10, 2015

Dr. Menachof and his staff were absolutely wonderful. I had my upper and lower lids done in the office. After the procedure I had some swelling and bruising but was able to do just about anything and everything. I went back to work within a week. People have said that I look so rested (even when I am exausted). Saw Dr. M. 3 times after the procedure and he was very reassuring about the time for swelling to subside. He has been right-on with timelines. I would also like to add his bedside manner is top. He told me to call if I had any concerns or questions. I did not need to call him but I felt extremely reassured that if I needed to speak with him, he would be available for me at anytime or day. This is the best surgery I have had. I am pleased beyond words. I have already begun saving for Dr. M. to do other areas of my face. Thank you to you, Dr. Menachof and your wonderful, personable and professional staff.

Feb 28, 2015 dianab , Highlands Ranch, CO

The Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment I entered their beautifully appointed office, I felt welcome, comfortable, and was treated in the most courteous and professional way. More so, I truly appreciated the time both Dr. Menachof and Ginger spent reviewing my aesthetic goals and recommending ways to achieve them. Their advise was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on my own natural beauty, after all we are our worst critics, as well as advising me of the latest and greatest available to refresh and correct what could use some improvement. Truly an A plus experience!

Thomas Hoess 2 years ago – ★★★★★

Being an MD myself (radiologist), I’m probably ultra picky because I have seen cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Dr. Menachof is an excellent plastic surgeon … what I like most is you look extremely natural vs. like someone whose skin is stretched too tight.

Nov 22, 2014 saskias , Greenwood Village, CO

It is a wonderful experience! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and on time! The staff often offer you less expensive options if they fit your needs. The service is impeccable! I will surely recommend it to everyone I know!

Nov 22, 2014 elaines , Castle Rock, CO

What an amazing atmosphere and practice. From the second you even see the door until you walk out there is a sense of true caring and professionalism. You know that they are the best at what they do and are constantly looking for ways to improve. My highest recommendation. And when you come, don’t be late— they respectfully run on time.