How to Fix a Broad or Wide Nose

Does your wide nose bother you? A nose can maintain a wide appearance for a number of reasons. For many people, lack of nasal bridge height causes a nose to look wider. This is often genetic and thus, more common in particular ethnic groups. In other cases, a prior nose job may have caused the nose to take on a wider appearance.

Whether it’s a first-time rhinoplasty or a revision surgery, a nose job is the best route for narrowing a wide nose—this is often the only cosmetic solution.

How Can You Fix a Wide Nose?

The nasal bone forms a pyramid structure at the top of the nose that can be restructured during a rhinoplasty. This bony nasal pyramid determines the overall shape of the nose. In order to change the shape of the nose and give it a thinner appearance, the pyramid structure must be broken into smaller, movable pieces. A nose job for wide noses are most commonly conducted using an osteotomy to narrow the nasal bridge. During an osteotomy, the surgeon makes small breaks on the upper nasal bones to thin the nose.

Types of Rhinoplasties for Wide Noses

What is a Wide Nose Rhinoplasty?

There are two common types of nasal osteotomies: medial and lateral. Many wide nose rhinoplasties use both types of osteotomies in order to create an overall thinner appearance in the nose bridge. Medial osteotomies focus on small breaks in the middle portion of the top of the nose, while lateral osteotomies deal with the longer, outer sections of the nasal bone.

Once the breaks are made, the surgeon is able to reshape the nose by moving the pieces closer together to create a narrower nasal structure. While osteotomy sounds rather intense, keep in mind that the surgeon will make small, very precise breaks of the nasal bones. If you have an experienced surgeon performing your rhinoplasty, there is no need to worry about osteotomy.

Narrowing a Wide Bulbous Nose or Nose Tip

Wide Bulbous TipIn some cases, the nose may also be too wide at the tip. A wide or bulbous nose or nasal tip can be treated very successfully with rhinoplasty. Thinning the wide nasal tip or nostrils can improve the nose appearance. There may be additional maneuvers required for your specific wide nose, so make sure to have a detailed conversation with your surgeon before going ahead with the nose job.

Recovery after a Wide Nose Rhinoplasty

A nasal cast will very likely be required to ensure proper healing. The cast can typically be removed in less than a week. At this point, the surgeon will likely prescribe nasal exercises in order to encourage continued healing. It can take up to eight weeks for the newly positioned nasal bones to heal securely. During this time, it is extremely important to stay committed to the prescribed nasal exercises.
In the post-operative stage, remain in close contact with your surgeon to prevent any healing complication. The post-operative recovery strategy is another great thing to research and ask about before choosing a surgeon. It’s a good sign if the surgeon has a detailed plan that includes post-operative checkups on a regular basis. If the surgeon seems to lack a sense of individual care for the post-operative stage, it may be in your best interest to look elsewhere.

Before and After

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty

Before choosing a surgeon to perform the rhinoplasty on your wide nose, make sure to do your research and ensure that the surgeon has experience performing nose jobs on wide noses. An easy way to do this is looking through before and after photos, which can typically be done on the surgeon’s website. Peruse through the photos and find before and after images of rhinoplasty performed on wide noses. If you like what you see, consult the surgeon and ask about their experience and strategy with nasal thinning surgeries.

If you don’t see many wide noses in the before and after photos, contact the surgeon’s office and ask to see some examples. Additionally, always research the surgeon’s reviews. These can typically provide a good feel for the surgeon’s work, and you may find comments specifically related to nose jobs for wide noses. Before facial surgery, it’s never a bad idea to do your homework. 

Make sure you’re informed about the basics of a nose thinning surgery. Talk to your surgeon to determine if a nose job for your wide nose is right for you!

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