Denver Facelift For All the Right Reasons

A well-done facelift restores youthful features that have been lost as your face and neck have aged. The more of these features that are corrected, the better the results of the procedure.

Heaviness in the jowls and neck causes most people to make their facelift appointment, but it is often improvement to the cheeks and lower eyelids that gives them the youthful appearance they were always hoping for. This is something that we have perfected at the Facial Surgery & Aesthetics Center. You won’t find this anywhere else in Colorado. Carefully evaluate before and after photos, looking at improvements in all areas of the face. While we have some selected photos on our website, we have many more in our office. Schedule a consultation appointment with us today.


Facelift: How You Will Feel

  • Younger and more attractive in a natural, healthy, youthful way.
  • Happy that friends and family notice how good you look, but without worrying that they will ever guess why.
  • Secure, knowing that your scars are so well hidden that your hair stylist will be the only one that knows about them.
  • Confident in your ability to handle situations without having to worry about your age, energy and vitality.
  • Comfortable after little post-procedure pain and recovery time lasting only 10 days to 2 weeks.


Facelift: What You Will Experience

  • A smooth, tight, youthful neck with no banding.
  • A crisp, clean, sharp jaw line.
  • A thin lower face without jowls.
  • Short, soft nasolabial folds.
  • Full, high cheeks.
  • Shorter, more youthful lower eyelids.
  • An oval, heart shaped face.
  • Results that typically last 10-15 years, with some that will last for 20-25 years.


facelift_a natural younger you

Facelift: Not All Created Equal

  • Some facelifts improve a few, but not all, of these features. While these patients are happy with one area of their face they may be bothered by other, less improved areas.
  • Some facelifts correct some of these features, but do so in a very unnatural way, causing people to look stretched, pulled or just odd.
  • Other facelifts actually give fairly good results, but remaining scars are disfiguring and obvious.
  • The popular mini-facelift provides great results that do not last. People that were happy at six months are usually unhappy a year later when the results have almost completely disappeared.


Facelift: What to Look for

  • Looks natural
  • Is age appropriate- makes you look very young for your age
  • Corrects all of the aging changes mentioned above
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Has inconspicuous scarring


Choose Dr. Menachof

This is why I do the facelift that I do. My facelift has changed significantly over the years. Initially, my procedure was relatively quick, very safe, and consistently good. But while my patients were happy, I wasn’t. The appearance of the bottom part of the face was very good, the neck was good but not quite as good as I would have liked, but the results in the cheeks were disappointing. For technical reasons, the cheeks and lower eyelids have always been the most difficult areas to correct. Over the years, I kept modifying my procedure, looking for ways to improve my results. The bottom part of the face continued to look good, the neck kept getting better, and now I am getting the results in the cheeks and lower eyelids that I had been hoping for. It takes a bit longer to accomplish, but the youthful, natural, healthy, non-operated appearance is worth it. My patients are incredibly happy, and importantly, so am I.